Standing Seam Snap-Loc Roofing Panel

Northstar Metals Standing Seam Panel Roof 5

Standing Seam Snap-Loc roofing panel is a better choice where longevity is needed. It has a smoother, neater appearance as there are no exposed fastener on the panel. This also eliminates the possibility of a washer failing and resulting in a possible leak. Standing Seam Snap-Loc roofing panel is a great way to go for your home or commercial building.

  • Panel width: 16″
  • Panel lengths: 24″ to ??? (your call)
  • 26 gauge steel
  • SMP paint with Storm Shield
  • Minimum recommended roof slope, 3:12
  • Recommended that Standing Seam be installed over solid sheathing
  • ​Jobsite rollforming available

Snap Lock Profile

Standing Seam Profile

The colors below are approximations only! We have real color sample chips available for free at our office. Always confirm color before ordering.

Standing Seam Snap-Loc Roofing Panels – Metal Roofing Supplies For Alaska