Corrugated Galvalume Panels

Northstar Metals Currogated Galvalume Siding 3

We stock this Galvalume corrugated panel in 12′ lengths. This profile is available in painted colors as well but will need to be special ordered.

Applications: Agricultural, Light Industrial, Wayne’s Coat, Interior decoration. Often used for rustic, traditional look.

  • Thickness: 29 gauge
  • ​Sheet Coverage: 24″ on walls. 21.25″ on roof.
  • ​Colors: Galvalume (painted available if special ordered)
  • ​Sheet Length: 12′
  • There is no warranty on this product.
Currogated Galvalume

Panel Fastening

Use a no. 10 x 1″ if fastening into solid wood. Use a no. 12 or 14 x 1″ if fastening into plywood/OSB.

Corrugated Galvalume Fastening 1

Lap fastening

If using on low pitch roof, it is recommended to use Butyl tape on underlap rib. Then fasten the lap with a stitch screw every 2 feet.

Corrugated Galvalume Fastening 2

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