Metal Trim & Supplies for Alaska

Listed below is a close up of ALL our standard trims and their specifications. ​We can also build customized to your specs.

Ridge Cap

Scan 6
Standing Seam Ridge Cap

Ss Ridge 4
Hip Ridge Cap

Hip Ridge 5


Valley 5
Snow Stop

Snowstop 4
E4 Eave Trim

E4eave 4

E2 Eave

E2eave 5
G4 Gable (Rake) Trim

G4gable 4
g2 Gable (Rake) Trim

G2gable 5

SW2 Sidewall

Sw2 Sidewall 5
EW2 End Wall

Ew2 Endwall 5
PB 3 Pitch Break (Hi-Lo)

Pb3 Oitch Break 5

PB 4 Pitch Break (Lo-Hi)

Pb4 Pitch Break 4
Z1 Flashing

Z1 Flashing 4
Foundation Flashing

Foundation 4


J Channel 4
Drip Cap

Drip Cap 4
OC1 Outside Corner

Oc1 Outside 4

OC2 Universal Outside Corner

Ic2 Inside 4
IC1 Inside Corner

Oc1 5
IC2 Universal Inside Corner

Universalic1 5

Standing Seam Gable

Ss Gable 4
Standing Seam Eave

Ss Eave 4
Rat Guard

Rat Guard 4