Durable Composite Siding

North Star Metals carries lifetime Everlast siding materials. Everlast’s innovative triple-composite process yields the most advanced composite siding material in the industry. Wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and other composites are no match because, despite costly required maintenance, you’ll find these alternatives still fade and deteriorate over time.

Everlast composite siding is vailable in both of the longest trending siding styles – horizontal lap siding and vertical board and batten – your home will enjoy the solid and authentic upscale residential look, for life. Best of all, you eliminate costly and recurring maintenance of premium-priced siding, like wood, fiber cement or engineered wood.

Horizontal Lap Siding

The reveal is available in two widths Standard 7” and narrow 4-1/2.” Everlast Horizontal Lap Siding produces the classic American rough-sawn cedar clapboard aesthetic. Plus, choose from a beautiful palette of timeless colors.

North Star Metals Composite Lap Siding

Lap 7 Inch

Lap 4.5 Inch

Vertical Board and Batten

North Star Metals Composite Board And Batten Siding

Everlast Board & Batten is the perfect choice both as a primary or accent siding. Featuring a 2” integral batten and 9” face, you produce the classic American rough sawn cedar board and batten aesthetic. Plus, choose from a beautiful palette of timeless colors.

Board And Batten

Color-Matched Trim

North Star Metals Color Matched Trim

Gorgeous lasting trim around windows, doors, corners, and more completes the perfect Everlast home. And nothing matches the beauty and durability of Everlast Premium Color-Matched trim.

Made from the very same advanced mineral composite formulation as Everlast siding, even your home’s trim will last a lifetime, without the hassle and cost of recurring maintenance.

Choose a color to complement or match your Everlast siding.

Composite Siding – Everlast Siding, Most Advanced Siding For Alaska