Metal Siding Supplies for Alaska

Alaska's Best Metal Siding SuppliesMetal siding supplies from North Star Metals, are the optimal choice to protect your home and business.

We carry multiple options to fit your need and budget, as well as the additional materials you need to make sure that your installation is solid. Our metal siding supplies are manufactured right here in Alaska to meet your specifications.

Also, if your project calls for roofing, check out our line of top quality metal roofing.

We Offer Many Choices Of Quality Metal Siding Supplies

Alaska's best metal siding supplies

Star Panel Siding

North Star Metals popular Star Panel, is not just an excellent roofing material, but is also one of our best selling metal siding supplies. Our Star Panel is a 29 gauge material has a 40 yr limited warranty. The Star Panel is used for both general roofing and wall applications, and is installed with exposed fasteners. If you want upgrade to our 26 ga. material, check out our Standing Seam panel.


North Star Metals Star Panel Shed

Standing Seam

Our Standing Seam or “Snap-Lock” is the choice when long lasting durability is needed. Because the fasteners are hidden, the finish has a smoother and neater appearance! Not only is it beautiful, but the design eliminates the possibility of leaks because of a washer failing. The Standing Seam panel is a great choice from among our metal siding supplies for your home or commercial building.


Northstar Metals Currogated Galvalume Siding 2

Corrugated Galvalume

Our Corrugated Galvalume is a great option for many applications. It’s versatility and design make it perfect for accent metal, light metal projects and industrial metal projects and is one of the favorite metal siding supplies we sell.


Coming Soon 600×450

Kodiak Panel

The Kodiak Panel is an 8 V-Ribbed wall panel that can be used for various applications interior or exterior for a unique look that sets a wall apart for the accent you’re looking for. Kodiak Panel is a great choice from among our range of metal siding supplies.


Northstar Metals Kenai Panel 1 600×450

Kenai Panel

The Kenai Panel is a great choice for accent walls or wainscot.


Northstar Metals Board And Batton Siding

Board & Batten

Our Board and Batten is a concealed fastener panel that looks great as a wainscot, gable section, or an accent wall.


North Star Metals Pittsburg Panel 1 600×450

Pittsburg Panel

The Pittsburg Panel is a great panel for porch or garage ceilings.


North Star Metals Tando Rock And Shakes

Composite Stone

Whether you use Tando Stone in conjunction with other exterior materials like natural wood, fiber cement, stucco, vinyl, or metal siding supplies. Or you can use it exclusively – Tando Stone always delivers: unmatched realism, unlimited creativity and unequaled moisture management.


North Star Metals Everlast Composite Siding 2

Composite Siding

Composite Siding is an entirely new category of siding that’s taking the premium siding market by storm. This is because of its remarkable durability in even the harshest climates and no maintenance requirement – apart from an occasional washing.


Northstar Metals House Wrap Siding 600×450

House Wrap

Our wrap is an advanced air/water barrier with 3-dimensional drainage channels that create air space behind the cladding. Breathable, non-perforated, with high-tear resistance, it meets the International Building and Residential code requirements. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Alaska’s Best Metal Siding Supplies