Composite Stone

North Star Metals Inc. proudly carries TandoStone composite stone products.

TandoStone® is the #1 brand of composite stone. Its unique Tando TruGrit™ texture gives the feel and low-gloss look homeowners desire.

Professionals love the rigid panels that install fast and easily with standard Siding tools.

The high tech composite construction of TandoStone make it impervious to moisture, allowing installation at ground level and in any weather.

TandoStone complements a wide range of other siding materials including fiber cement, vinyl, stucco, brick and more.

Appalachian Ash

Stacked Stone

Tando Stacked Stone is a dry stack profile without grout lines between stones. The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones give this stone the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry-stack set.

North Star Metals Tando Stacked Stone Features

Appalachian Ash

Creek Ledgestone

Tando Creek Ledgestone features various sized stones with grout lines in-between. The rugged look of hand-picked stone installed with grout shows the natural variation of each stone.

North Star Metals Tando Ledgestone Features 2

Composite Stone – Tando Composite Stone For Alaska