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We carry fasteners from Atlas Fasteners. A reputable, nationally known company for providing quality fasteners for the construction industry. We stock several sizes in matching colors of our metal.

The three types of fasteners listed below are our most popular ones. However we do carry the pancake head screws to fasten standing seam panels as well.
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Low Pro Fastener 300×253

#12 Low Pro

An Engineered Low Profile Fastener That Is:

  • Low profile design provides added clearance for concealed fastener panel systems
  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Low head height blends in with panel
  • Head entraps sealing washer
  • Wobble free Installation
  • #3 Driver installs all sizes
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Coarse threads provide secure fastening into wood and metal
  • Pull Out Test Values
    Low Pro Pull Out Values 300×197

    14 Woodtite Fastener 300×178

    #14 WoodTite

  • Head and sealing washer painted with oven cured poly-urethane enamel
  • Sealing washer is non-conductive EPDM rubber
  • Deep thread form for maximum pullout resistance
  • OxySeal ll provides increased corrosion protection
  • Type-17 Point easily penetrates lapped high tension steel
  • Available in all colors
  • Available in 1 inch & 2 inch lengths.
  • Great for OSB and plywood fastening
  • Pull Out Test Values
    14 Woodtite Pull Out Values 250×184

    10 Woodtite Fastener 300×182

    #10 WoodTite

    Combining the elements of the Type-17 point and specialized hybrid threads allows for the #10 WoodTite to penetrate the metal panel, hard woods, and knots easier allowing for quicker installation. Typically used for metal to solid wood applications.

    ​#10 WoodTite Features

  • Innovative hybrid threads to cut through hard woods and knots
  • Self tapping type-17 point, to help remove pigtails
  • Nonconductive washer
  • Available in all colors
  • Available in 1 inch & 1.5 inch lengths
  • Pull Out Test Values
    10 Woodtite Pull Out Values 450×109